Masons, Blue House case, ritual abuse, battered woman received asylum

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American Family Receives Asylum in Europe – A battered woman …fled the United States with her children to protect them from abuse. They were granted Asylum in the Netherlands. We told our Mom that our father was still hurting us and she believed us. We would show our mother the bruises when we returned from our fathers and we would beg her not to send us again. She pleaded with the court to protect us but they refused. When my father appeared at our home to pick us up I would cry so hard that I would throw up. Many times my mother would also cry and sometimes she couldn’t bear to make us go with him, but then my father would call the police. The policemen would enter our home and search for us. My brother and I would hide in the closets or under our beds. It was terrifying. The police would pull us out from underneath our beds and hand us over to this man who was beating us as we were kicking, screaming and begging for help. My father filed for a custody reversal based on Parental Alienation Syndrome and used the police reports as evidence that our mother was interfering in his relationship with his children. Even though the judge found that our father was abusive, in the very same order he issued a reversal of custody, citing that our mother was too traumatized from the abuse to care for us. I was 7 years old when a court officer arrived with my father and pried my fingers loose from my mothers dress. I was fighting with everything I had.

webpage describes graphic crimes – Chapters from THE EGYPTIAN MASONIC – SATANIC – CONNECTION – By David L. Carrico and Donna M. Carrico FOLLOWERS OF JESUS CHRIST MINISTRIES P. O. Box 4174, Evansville, IN 47724-4174 (812) 477-6338 E-mail:  includes : CHAPTER 6 – EGYPTIAN SATANISM – CHAPTER 7 – SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE (The author of Chapter 7 is Rick Doninger) – DRAWINGS BY SURVIVORS OF SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE – CHAPTER 9 – FREEMASONRY AND SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE “Our suspicions were first aroused that there could be a connection between Freemasonry and SRA during our involvement in the “Blue House SRA case in Evansville, Indiana. The children in Evansville alleged that they were taken from school and subjected to Satanic abuse in a blue house. According to Rick Doninger, the leading children’s advocate for the `blue house children’, all of the `blue house children’ claimed that they were abused by Masonic perpetrators. Mr. Doninger also informed us that the police who investigated the `blue house case’ also were Freemasons. No arrests resulted from the investigation.”

articles describes crimes
Rick Doninger – Blue House Case –  Rick talked about the famous “Blue House” case in Vanderburg County (Evansville), Indiana in 1990, where several children were taken out of school and allegedly (the allegedly is mine) ritually abused. Even though there was a great deal of evidence, the case never even made it to a grand jury. The attorney that attempted to bring the case to trial was fighting a lot of political power. He once told his son that he had been threatened. About 10 years ago, Rick’s wife had been in “Sexual Child Abuse Rescue” (in Evansville). He mentioned that “justice was not something seen very often” and the “offenders were in a revolving door system.” They were starting to see multiple victim cases. They eye witnessed through binoculars and heard children’s accounts of what may have been sadistic pornography….Rick helped a lot of children at that tine. “Satanic ritual abuse was going on all over the country.” “At that time, 1,000 families were on the run from this judicial system.” He mentioned that nothing legal was being done in the justice system. He alleges that, most of the people involved in the ritual abuse cases were Masons.

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